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Mittwoch April 25, 2018


May 2018

Blacoh Industries is proud to announce the opening of Blacoh Industries, GmbH, a new order fulfillment center in Maintal, Germany.

Blacoh Industries, a leading manufacturer of engineered pulsation dampeners, surge vessels and system-wide solutions has been in business for more than 40 years. With a global network of authorized distributors and sales representatives in all major markets, Blacoh’s new facility expands their global capabilities by reducing delivery times and costs to locations throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Blacoh Industries, GmbH will stock a comprehensive inventory of their most commonly requested dampener models and parts, along with Blacoh’s exclusive AODDampener, Hybrid Valve, and SpillStop™ units.

According to Blacoh CEO Diana Vise, “Blacoh is growing with a purpose and, as a global enterprise, we are committed to serving our European customers. Our new fulfillment center in Germany means shorter lead times, lower shipping costs, and no custom or duty fees within the EU. Our distributors in Europe will now be able to reach end users more quickly and with greater efficiency. "

For questions or inquiries contact Wieland Staph at


Setting Up Your Account:

  • To use Blacoh GmbH's full online functions, you must first register.
  • Visit the “Sign In” page at the top right of the navigation bar.
  • If you have a current username and password, you can register those same credentials on Blacoh GmbH by clicking on "Link Existing Account". You will be able to continue to use the same username and password across all Blacoh sites. To make it easier for you, we will automatically use your previously stored account information.
  • Or if you are new to Blacoh, select "Request Account" to complete the new account form and we will follow-up with the next steps. 

Available Items & Placing Your Order:

      • The items shown on the Blacoh GmbH site are the units in-stock at the Germany facility. These items are ready for quick order and check-out directly though the site shopping cart.
      • Payments are processed in Euro.
      • This GmbH is for placing orders and deliveries within Europe, Africa and the Middle East only.
      • We have chosen to stock the most commonly ordered items in Europe. If there are additional items that you know your customers will need and believe we should put them into stock, let us know!
      • For all other items not available to add to the online cart, there is also the option to get a Blacoh quote in Euros through this GmbH SpeedQuote. 

      Requesting A Quote For Non-Stock Items:

      • Any item can be quoted through this GmbH site’s SpeedQuote in Euros.
      • Visit the “Quote” function in the navigation bar and enter your known Blacoh item number.
      • You will also be able to request 2D spec sheet drawings and 3D models for the corresponding items if available.
      • Our Europe sales team will then follow-up with your quote request.  

      Contact Us With What You Need:

      • We created this facility in order to better serve you, our European distributors.
      • We value your input and feedback: let us know what you need, what is great and what can be made easier.
      • For questions or inquiries contact Wieland Staph at

      Contact Us

      Blacoh Industries GmbH
      Otto-Hahn-Straße 16
      D-63477, Maintal Germany
      Tel: +49 (0)6181-424-7300

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